Add any enhancement  to one of our packages to customize and make your reception tailored and special to you and your guests.  Choose from a variety of services...Live Edit, Magic Mirror Selfie Station, Wireless Multi-Colored Up lighting, Custom Monogram and so many others to customize your wedding reception!

Ceremony Sound Production

Getting married on location or at reception venue? 
We will provide the microphones and all music

desired for your ceremony. We will also help coordinate your wedding ceremony so you don't have to worry about a thing.

*You can add Microphones only and Music only to any package.

Bose Premiere Sound System

Upgrade to the highest quality sound you can get! The audio and music will spread equally throughout the room.  Therefore, it won't be too loud for guests sitting closest to speakers nor not loud enough for guests sitting in the back of the room. Everyone will be able to enjoy your reception equally no matter where  they are seated.

Additional Speaker/Wireless Speaker

Additional speakers may be added to your package. They can provide sound in multiple rooms, oddly shaped rooms, cocktail hour and outdoor locations.

Magic Mirror Selfie Station

This 3-hour package includes:

  • A friendly and outgoing attendant   

  • Fun photo props (if desired)

  • 4x6 photo prints     

  • Unlimited texting

  • Authentic red carpet

The Magic Mirror has a unique touchscreen that permits drawing, signing, and emoji stamping. We have added a green screen option to enable your background to be anything you want. At the end of the event, you will receive a flash drive of all of the photos taken.  This enhancement offers a discount with any Wedding Package booking!

*You can add a scrapbook, green screen & multimedia to this package for an additional charge.

Dancing On A Cloud

Create your dream 1st dance with dry ice clouds hovering over the dance floor  or use it during your parent dances. It's simply magical!

*Magic Memories -(NEW)

With the wonder of innovative technology we can take photos during your dance party  and simply place your iphone over the photo and watch it come to life! You can choose between an album or a wall mounted board.

Additional Hour

Don't want the party to end so soon? Talk to one of our DJ's about adding an additional hour to your event

Visual Media Package

This  Visual Media package includes:
* Wedding Day "LIVE EDIT"
* Dream Wedding Slideshows

Wedding Day LIVE EDIT: We are the inventive team to create a Wedding Day LIVE EDIT. Our live edit specialist takes photos from your photographer and our recorded audio of your ceremony (if applicable) and any toasts/speeches,  and pair it with a song of your choice to tell your wedding day story. Your Live Edit is shown to your guests before the end of the night.

 The Dream Wedding Slideshows: this enhancement includes first dance & parent dance displays. The visuals are created by our team and are shown on a LED TV. Additional  custom slideshows  will be displayed during cocktail hour and dinner. This package also includes a custom designed monogram of the couples' initials.

*Each of these Visual Enhancements can be individually added to any package as well.

VIP Lighting Package

This package includes all-inclusive Lighting effects:

*Accent Uplighting

*Wireless One-Color Up Lights

* Wireless Multi-Color Up Lights
* A Custom Projected Monogram
* Textured Lighting
* Custom Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting (moving heads)

Wireless Multi-Colored Up Lights: These wireless changing up
lights will be displayed in the entire room, DMX controlled and battery-operated to enhance the atmosphere of your reception.

A Custom monogram of your first and last name initials will be created by our team designer.  Any specific colors or elements

are accepted with an additional charge. The monogram will be
shown on an LED TV for the event.

Textured Lighting: creates a variety of patterns on the ceiling and walls of your dance area.

Custom Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting:

Intelligent lights with moving heads that can provide a spotlight
for your introductions and first dance as well as custom monograms and animations.

*Each of these six Lighting Effects can be individually added to any package.


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